"THE HAB boosted my self esteem. I have grown to be a Woman of Substance discovering the secrets of Blessed Talents within me, and is able to use the tools to express the different hues of happiness by learning to stitch and will be able to beautify my Home Sweet Horne effortlessly with confidence and imagination running wild. :)

My family and in-laws were in admiration seeing my work. My husband was overwhelmed with happiness. THE HAB has taught me to have a Vision of A Birds Eye View with the knowledge of innumerable types of sewing learnt. It has rejuvenated my inner womanhood beauty.

An Empowering Experience: Genuinely inspired me to do so many amazing things in just the few classes I’ve attended. I feel pretty and feminine. In this day and age, every woman should know how to beautify, her home or heaven by getting well equipped with the knowledge shared by USHA and taught by THE HAB professionals. 3 Cheers to Arwa, Deepti, Rasika, Rebecca and the others in the workshop.

The best thing in my life was The Hab. You can make it, dress it, and live it

THE HAB is a sure shot experience to make every woman a Woman of Substance. Be Blessed Forever. .. :)"

Ruma Jain
I am very impressed and wish to see your name & fame soon on the top.

Needra Patel
Great concept, beautiful store and lovely staff, very professional, good luck! – interested in ladies top and home furnishing stuff.

Amisha Clerk
Excellent - something really really new.

Farida Bashey
it’s a great idea - the hab is going to create an amazing creative culture , great job.

Saloni A Agarwal
HIGHTIME - India needed this kind of a concept store. Will enroll for the sewing workshop.

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